Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production

Pro Tools 201 focuses on the skills needed to competently operate a Pro Tools TDM system on a professional level. This course expands on Pro Tools 101 and 110 completing the solid foundation that is essential for skillful Pro Tools operation.

Topics Include:

-Pro Tools session management concepts
-Editing features and techniques
-Session navigation and control
-Recording modes/techniques for various applications
-In-depth plug-in usage
-Pro Tools automation modes
-Digidesign control surfaces
-Final mixdown and layback
-Hardware Configurations and signal routing options
-Tricks that will speed up any editing job



Completion of the Pro Tools 101 and 110 courses. This course continues to build on the wide variety of fundamental concepts and topics covered in the Pro Tools 100-series courses. Access to the 201 exam requires passing all previous exams.

*Upon successful completion of Pro Tools 201 coursework, students can continue on to the 210 level courses. 210M focuses on Advanced Music Production techniques; 210P focuses on Advanced Post Production techniques. Once the 210 level courseware is completed, students are then eligible to take the Operator Certification exam.


$1025.00 per registered student.

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