About Us

Interested in pursuing Pro Tools? GO Media can introduce you to the amazing world of audio creation and production using Pro Tools. We help you develop the core skills needed to operate the Pro Tools system in a professional way. Not only offering the hands-on training every student is looking for, we take our training to the next level by providing ongoing support to each of our students. Upon completion of any of our certified courses our students are eligible for discounts on select Digidesign hardware, as well as third party software.

Our Instructors

Our instructors have been using Pro Tools since its conception in the 90’s. They received training by the senior product developers of the M-Box, the 002, Pro Tools HD and the ICON family. They are passionate about audio recording, and more importantly about teaching others and sharing the joy of audio production. GO Media Instructors attend frequent training meetings and undergo continual education, insuring their knowledge of the most recent techniques in audio production.

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Left to right: Glenn Martucci (studio owner), Carl Tatz (studio designer), Dan Martucci (instructor), Daniel Scamman (instructor).

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