Our Online Training Courses

Our online training gives students all the tools needed to succeed in today's audio industry. We keep our class sizes small, enabling us to tailor the Pro Tools course material toward the student's knowledge level of Pro Tools, as well as their personal preference.

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How It Works

Our online courses are designed to fit your busy schedule. Students are enabled to complete course material on their own time at their own pace. With instructor led videos and chat discussions, students are given all the tools needed to truly understand the Pro Tools system. Testing and reveiwing of course material is completed during a scheduled time frame. For minumum system requirements please see this list.

Pro Tools 101 Course

Teaching basic Pro Tools principles needed to succeed.

Pro Tools 110 Course

Learn the details of Pro Tools providing an in depth foundation.

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GO Media
Olympia, Washington
Tel: 360-507-1239
E-mail: info@goprotools.com

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